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When the heat comes, there is nothing worse than having an air conditioner that breaks down or does not operate efficiently. At Moe Plumbing Services, it is our goal to respond to our customer's Los Angeles air conditioning installation needs and to maintain the comfort of your home or business.

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What Are the Benefits of an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning System?

Many people may be unaware that there are different types of air conditioning units available to help them save on energy and money. There are air conditioners that can help you maintain the comfortable temperature you desire without the concern of added costs. These systems, along with making sure your ducts and filters are clean, your home is adequately insulated, and any gaps in windows or doors are filled, can help you save money on expensive energy bills during the hot summer months.

Importantly, AC systems don’t last forever. When an AC unit has been in operation for several years, no amount of repair work can save it. Our professional team of Los Angeles air conditioning installation experts can assess the state of your air conditioning system to determine whether replacing your AC unit with a new one that can last you for several more years to come. A new AC unit can help you save on costs that relate to frequent repair work and inefficient operation. Our team is also experienced in installing different types of AC units.

Not sure if it would best to repair or replace your AC unit? Let our Los Angeles air conditioning experts guide you towards the best option that fits your needs.

Get Your Home Energy Audit Today

We specialize in the latest technology in energy-efficient air conditioners. As part of our HVAC services, we will perform an energy audit and provide you with options to reduce the energy used to cool your home.

Our Full Home Energy Audit Includes:

  • Duct cleaning
  • Insulation
  • Attic fans
  • Whole house fans

As an added service for our customers, we are your resource on all air conditioner rebates for reduced energy use. Additionally, we provide annual air conditioning maintenance to get your system in working order for the summer. This not only will protect your equipment and your warranty, but it will ensure your safety as well.

Our Financing Options for New AC Units

Interested in installing a new air conditioner? You're in luck because we offer financing through Foundation Finance Company. You can reach out to our Los Angeles air conditioning installation technicians and to learn more about the details.

At Moe Plumbing Services, we want to provide our customers with the best available products at a reasonable rate. This is just part of our goal to make sure our customers are completely happy and remain customers for life. If you are in need of air conditioning installation in Los Angeles, trust a team that has been doing this since 1927. Trust in our team.

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