Moe Plumbing Adds Trenchless Sewer Repair to Its Growing List of Plumbing Services

Moe Plumbing Services, a Division of H.L. Moe, Co., Inc. has launched a trenchless piping service, being the first union service plumbing company with the equipment and the talent to perform trenchless piping services. The trenchless services will be a part of Moe Drain Division which is supervised by Kris Sweitzer and managed by Jeff Hachey

"There is a great need for this service and we are proud to lead the charge to bring this work to the union in Southern California" commented Mike Davis, President of Moe Plumbing. "In a challenging economy, we are always on the lookout for new ways to expand our abilities and keep our crew busy."

Following the great success that the drain division experienced with the introduction of the high-powered commercial-grade hydrojetter equipment (4,ooo PSI at 20 GPM), the division was eager to expand to new services. Trenchless piping seemed to be the obvious choice, given the lack of union choices.

Trenchless service is a relatively new technology, whereby sewer lines can be replaced without disturbing the surrounding area. This is convenient in cases of paved streets, parking lots, driveways and structures where in the past excavation was required. Existing pipes that have been compromised through root intrusion, erosion and cracks, can be restored to new without costly and time consuming excavation. The cured-in-place technology minimizes the downtime, taking on average one day to fully replace a sewer line and restore operation.

Moe has purchased state-of-the-art equipment which includes a MaxLiner system, a portable bio-diesel powered boiler and the use of two-part epoxy resin. Additionally, Moe has two high-powered hydrojetters, which each occupy their own trailer. These powerful jetters effectively remove all roots and debris which may have been built up in the line. The combination of these two processes, essentially makes existing pipes like new.

"It is our desire to bring the most innovative technologies and solutions to our customers," Davis stated. "Trenchless piping certainly is a far better solution than what was available in the past and we are thrilled to be able to offer it."