Tree Roots Can Destroy Pipes When Trying to Survive Summer Heat

When the summer season brings hot and dry weather, plants must do what they can to survive. Of course, like any living organism, trees, roots, and all other plants require water as a main source of life. Because their roots are located underneath the earth, the roots of trees search for water in order to continue growing through even the harshest weather conditions.

But, what does this mean for the pipes of your home that are also located underground? Because sewage lines and other pipes are often covered in condensation or other leaking nutrients, tree root shoots, the leading tip of a tree’s root, will grow toward the nutrients and begin to grow around the pipes. If there are small, hairline openings or cracks in pipes, tree roots may be able to penetrate the pipes, causing the tree roots to completely destroy them.

Conditions that Result In Tree Root Issues

Although not all root problems can be identified right away, many of these issues can be avoided before the roots damage pipes severely.

In fact, the following conditions should be avoided:

  • Pipe lines located near curb lines with trees
  • Pipes that are built with loose fitting joints or corroded joint sealing materials
  • Pipe lines that are located next to other pipes that have been destroyed by roots previously
  • Pipe lines that are located near the surface of the ground or close to trees

Believe Your Pipes are Being Destroyed by Tree Roots?

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