Our Commercial Services

Los Angeles Plumbing Experts

Moe Plumbing Services was established in 1927 and has experience fulfilling the unique demands of a commercial property. Not only do we have the latest equipment, we promise a high level of service to keep your property operating smoothly, including 24/7 emergency service. We also remain current on all municipal, state and federal construction and health codes. That's why we've earned the trust of many of Los Angeles' most renowned properties.

Beginning with our founder, Herb Moe, we have four main principles that define our business: integrity, quality, punctuality, and putting the customer first. To help us achieve our goal, current President, Mike Davis, has a special formula. It is S=E+1. Our definition of service is your expectation plus something more. In other words, we have not met our goal unless we have exceeded your expectations.

Our technicians complete a five-year apprenticeship program so that when they are in your business, they are equipped with knowledge and experience to properly and quickly troubleshoot the problem. When available, our plumber will provide you with options so that you may select the course of action that fits your needs and your budget.

The next time you need a plumbing repair, be it cleaning a grease interceptor, repairing a boiler or a drain blockage, you can rely on the Los Angeles plumbing professionals at Moe Plumbing Services. We are here to serve you and hope to be your first call whenever there is a plumbing need in your and your family's home.

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The Right People, The Right Equipment, The Right Experience

Commercial properties require a plumbing company that not only has industrial strength equipment to treat the facility but plumbers who know the requirements of the city and the state health inspector. We understand the critical need for our commercial customers to have little if any, disruptions in their operations. We go above and beyond to maintain a sterile environment, correct any issues before they become a problem, and be able to respond immediately to emergency situations.

Services that we provide include:

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Processed piping including fabrication, installation, and repair
  • Gas piping installation and repair
  • Electronic leak & sewer location
  • Gas leak detection and repair
  • Video sewer inspection
  • Drain and sewer cleaning
  • High pressure hydro jetting for preventative maintenance and flow restoration
  • Sewer lining, repair, and replacement
  • Trenchless piping
  • Tenant improvement and remodeling
  • Copper re-piping
  • Earthquake valve installation
  • Backflow testing and repair
  • Ansul valves
  • Water purification and treatment
  • Environmentally-friendly drain treatment to prevent build-ups

Our Best Product We Offer is Peace of Mind

Commercial clients that have maintenance contracts with Moe Plumbing say the best product we offer is peace of mind. We know that in commercial environments, there is very little "down time" and that is what we seek to prevent. And when it does happen, we have 24/7 emergency service to find a quick and safe resolution.

We have a reputation for instilling confidence in our customers and have earned the accounts of many of Los Angeles' most renowned shopping centers, restaurants, entertainment venues, hospitals, colleges and residential complexes. This includes places such as California Pizza Kitchen, Starbucks, the Glendale Galleria, the Beverly Center, The Abbey, Hyde, Saddle Ranch Hollywood, Beverly Garland, The Radisson, Shutters Hotel, Ridgecrest HOA, Larrabee HOA, EHM Property Management, and much more.