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Earthquake Home Protection

Earthquake Home Protection Service

Protecting Los Angeles Residents Since 1927

In exchange for a stunning coastline and year-long beautiful weather, Californians must deal with occasional earthquakes. While they are few and far between, scientists continue to warn that we are due for a large earthquake, so it is important for California residents to make sure their homes are protected in case something does happen.

Earthquake home protection services involve repair or reinforcement of the following:

  • Automatic gas shut-off valves
  • Water heater straps
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Major gas and water appliances

Recent technology has delivered significant advancements in building sound structures, but there are still many homes and businesses that are not properly protected, and many that are not compliant with city and county codes.

Our Los Angeles plumbing experts at Moe Plumbing Services advise and can assist customers with the proper measures to protect their home from two major sources of damage: water and gas. Learn more about earthquake home protection by contacting us!

Call (818) 396-8002 to add earthquake protection to your home. Based in Glendale, our plumbers serve homes throughout the Greater Los Angeles area.

Automatic Gas Shut-off Valves

An earthquake automatic gas shut-off valve automatically shuts off the gas to your home or business in the event of damaging seismic activity. This prevents gas leaks from creating a fire or explosion. History has shown that fires following an earthquake can often be more damaging than the earthquake itself, and the number one cause of fire is broken gas lines. Protect your family and your home by having a Los Angeles emergency plumber from our team install an automatic earthquake gas shut-off valve.

Water Heater Straps

It is crucial to the safety of your home to have your water heater properly braced, especially during an earthquake. Unsecured water heaters can fall over, rupturing rigid water and gas connections. California building codes require water heaters to have two straps completely wrapped around it, secured by screwing them directly into the studs or masonry of the wall.

Whenever our Los Angeles plumbers are in a customer's home, we offer to check that the water heater is strapped and also that flexible water connectors are used instead of hard rigid pipes. This is important because water heaters combine water, pressure, and gas, and can be dangerous if they tip over in an earthquake. Additionally, in the event of a major earthquake, this may be your only source of freshwater.

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