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Sewer Repair

Sewer Repair in Los Angeles

Servicing Residential & Commercial Customers in California

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Moe Plumbing Services is the area's first union service plumbing company with the equipment and the talent to perform trenchless piping services. Trenchless technology allows our plumbers to replace sewer lines without disturbing the surrounding area. This is convenient in cases of paved streets, parking lots, driveways, and structures where in the past excavation was required. Existing pipes that have been compromised through root intrusion, erosion, and cracks, can now be restored to new without costly and time-consuming excavation. The cured-in-place technology minimizes the downtime, taking on average one day to fully replace a sewer line and restore operation.

It is our desire to bring the most innovative technologies and solutions to our customers. Moe Plumbing Services utilizes state-of-the-art equipment including a MaxLiner system, a portable bio-diesel powered boiler, and the use of two-part epoxy resin. Additionally, Moe has two high-powered hydro jetters, which each occupy their own trailer. These powerful jetters effectively remove all roots and debris that may have been built up in the line. The combination of these two processes essentially makes existing pipes like new.

Pipe Bursting

Our sewer repair services also include pipe bursting, an additional trenchless option for sewer line repairs. Because this technology does not require the entire sewer line to be dug up, this service is both cost-effective and efficient. This minimizes the downtime and the effects on landscaping and hardscaping of the surrounding areas.

Pipe bursting is a widely used technology that allows pipes that are buried to be replaced without having to excavate the entire length of the pipe. This is done by excavating two locations and using a machine that pulls a new pipe through an existing pipe of equal or greater diameter. At the same time, the existing pipe is shattered as the new pipe is pulled through. While the trenchless/CIPP repair option is similar, there are certain conditions where pipe bursting is more ideal, especially when sewer lines are badly cracked or separated.

Combatting Tree Root Intrusion in Sewer Lines

In Southern California's hot and dry weather, plants do what they can to survive, and sometimes that comes at the expense of our sewer lines. Because sewage lines and other pipes are often covered in condensation or other leaking nutrients, tree root shoots will grow toward the nutrients and begin to grow around the pipes. If there are small, hairline openings or cracks in pipes, tree roots may be able to penetrate the pipes, causing the tree roots to completely destroy them. If your home or business is experiencing frequent drainage backups, tree roots may be the culprit.

Although not all root problems can be identified right away, many of these issues can be avoided before the roots damage pipes severely.

In fact, the following conditions should be avoided:

  • Pipe lines located near curb lines with trees
  • Pipes that are built with loose fitting joints or corroded joint sealing materials
  • Pipe lines that are located next to other pipes that have been destroyed by roots previously
  • Pipe lines that are located near the surface of the ground or close to trees

Proactive Sewer Maintenance Services

Don't wait for a sewer emergency to address potential issues with your sewer lines. Regular preventative maintenance can help prevent costly repairs and keep your sewer system running smoothly. Our experienced team at H. L. Moe Co., Inc can provide professional sewer inspections and maintenance services for both residential and commercial customers in the Los Angeles area.

Benefits of preventative sewer maintenance include:

  • Early detection of potential issues
  • Prevention of costly repairs
  • Extended lifespan of sewer lines

If you are dealing with problems involving sewage pipes or other pipes on your property, we encourage you to get in touch with Moe Plumbing. You may have an issue with tree roots growing inside of your sewer line that can be corrected with either a hydro jetting service or a sewer repair or replacement service.

To request an estimate for your residential or commercial sewer line project, please contact us today.

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