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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis Systems in Los Angeles

Clean Drinking Water, Straight from Your Faucet

There are few things more valuable than fresh, clean water. More so, there is nothing like having fresh, clean water coming directly from your faucet. This is where reverse osmosis comes in. There are plenty of benefits associated with this process and our Los Angeles plumbing experts at Moe Plumbing Services can help you decide on whether it is right for you.

If you are interested in installing a reverse osmosis system, do not hesitate to contact us and speak with one of our Los Angeles water filtration experts. We would be happy to share what options you have and provide our recommendation on what solution will best suit your needs.

Call (818) 396-8002 to discuss your reverse osmosis system options. Based in Glendale, Moe Plumbing Services serves the entire Los Angeles area.

Common Signs of Poor Water Quality

Having pure, fresh water in your home is essential to avoid harmful diseases and health conditions from consuming contaminated or hard water. Hard water contains high levels of minerals that could corrode your plumbing pipes and cause issues with water-using appliances. It could also cause dry, itchy skin and hair that feels sticky. Treating your water is a good idea to avoid these issues and to help your plumbing system last longer.

There are several warning signs to alert you to polluted or hard water:

  1. Discoloration. If the water has any discoloration or tint, it is unsafe to use. High mineral levels, such as iron and manganese, could cause discoloration. Furthermore, rust and pollution from pesticides or chemicals could also cause a tint in the water.
  2. Foul odor. In some cases, the water may smell like chlorine or rotten eggs. This indicates high levels of chlorine or sulfur, which puts you at risk for serious health problems and skin irritation.
  3. Bad taste. Water that is contaminated will often have a metallic or bitter taste. If you notice a strange flavor of your home's water, it is important to stop drinking it immediately and call a professional plumber.
  4. Blue-green tint on water fixtures. High levels of copper in your home’s water supply could leave blue-green stains on the water fixtures and faucets. Exposure to high levels of copper could cause liver and kidney damage, digestion problems, and anemia.
  5. Murky water. In some cases, the water in your home may appear murky or cloudy. This is a sign of high mineral levels. An oily film on the standing water in your bathtub or shower is also an indication that the water is contaminated by grease.

Benefits Of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Not only is reverse osmosis convenient, but it is also healthy for you. Domestic water can contain 200 to 800 parts per million (PPM) of contaminants. Parts per million means how many parts of contaminants are found per million part of water. Finally, when you install a reverse osmosis system, you eliminate the need for single-serving water bottles. This reduces the amount of landfill waste caused by plastic bottles that are not recycled.

Some other benefits include:

  • No bulky water coolers
  • No water bottles
  • No expensive systems
  • No filling and refilling water pitchers

Why Have Moe Plumbing Services Install Your Water Filtration System?

As reverse osmosis systems have gained in popularity, we have seen a very serious mistake commonly made when water filtration systems are not installed by a plumbing technician. The goal of our plumbers is not to alarm our customers, but to make them aware of a very dangerous error. Reverse osmosis systems remove the contaminants and drain them into the drain line, where it eventually ends up in the sewer. When the drain line becomes clogged by food or other waste from the kitchen sink, the line will back-up. If the reverse osmosis system does not connect the drain line to an air gap, the sewage water can back-up into your clean water supply.

Have you ever seen the water from the dishwasher drain out of the air gap (the small circular object next to the faucet) and into the kitchen sink? It is the same concept, however, we regularly see reverse osmosis systems installed without properly using an air gap. This is not legal, nor is it safe. That is why we always recommend that reverse osmosis systems be installed by a licensed plumber.

Contact our team today to request an estimate for reverse osmosis system installation in Los Angeles.

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