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Blogs from April, 2019

Glass of water

Everyone wants water that is fresh, clean, and tastes great. But sadly, this is not always a given in Los Angeles. Filters are often ineffective and expensive, and no matter what fixture you put in, so often, it just feels like a temporary solution. That’s why for a long-lasting water upgrade in your home, you should consider reverse osmosis.

The process by which contaminants are removed and pushed into the drain line, eventually ending up in the sewer, reverse osmosis is an advanced yet accessible water treatment solution. In the past few years, reverse osmosis systems have gained popularity as one of the most efficient ways for homeowners to improve the quality of their water. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of reverse osmosis, and contact our Los Angeles plumbing experts at Moe Plumbing Services for all your plumbing and HVAC-related needs today.

The Top 5 Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

  1. It improves the taste of your water: Though we’ve already talked about this, it’s important to go over it again, as the difference you can experience with a reverse osmosis system can’t be understated. By cutting the chemicals and other debris out of your hard water, you’ll get that cleaner, fresher taste, potentially even surpassing filtered and bottled water to provide you with delicious, refreshing water as it was meant to be, in its purest form.
  2. It’s better for cooking: Per the last point, the taste of your water doesn’t just affect what you are drinking. It also affects what you eat. Consider how often you use water in meal preparation. From boiling pasta to making coffee, fresh water can have a huge effect on the taste of your food. If you are particular about cooking, a reverse osmosis system may be best option for you.
  3. It leaves less sodium: While the ion exchange process in most water softeners does get the chemical taste out of hard water, it also increases the sodium levels. Many people don’t care for the taste of water with high sodium either, again making reverse osmosis systems a good alternative to water softeners.
  4. It provides better filtration: Reverse osmosis goes through 7 stages, putting your water through an intense filtration process. This intensive purification procedure begins by getting rid of particles like dust and silt. In the next step, a carbon filter will remove chlorine, and bad tastes from other chemicals. This happens several times before the actual reverse osmosis process can takes place. Eventually, the water is pushed through a fine filter, which gets rid of any remaining impurities. Finally, through alkalization and a UV filter which kills bacteria and viruses, the water is kept fresh until you are ready to drink it. In short, this technology simply extracts more from your water than virtually any other system can. This brings us to…
  5. It’s better for your health: While most of the particles and impurities found in your water are fine, occasionally, contaminants can make their way into your water supply, having a seriously negative affect on your health and well-being, With a reverse osmosis system, you will be able to filter out dangerous chemicals such as lead, fluoride, arsenic, and even parasites which can prove extremely dangerous if contracted.
  6. It saves you money: Reverse osmosis systems use a comparatively small amount of energy next to most plumbing equipment, which is great news for anyone trying to save money on their water bill. On top of this, they eliminate need to buy bottled water, or spend money on filters and water treatment devices, as you will already have the best-tasting water possible right at your disposal.
  7. They are easy to maintain and install: Reverse osmosis systems are not hard to install, and often save you space, especially compared to the bulky plumbing equipment you are probably used to. And next to the average plumbing maintenance work, any upkeep on your reverse osmosis system is going to seem like a breeze. While you will need to be mindful of filter replacement, most reverse osmosis systems don’t require service more than 2 times a year.

For Reverse Osmosis & More, Trust Moe Plumbing Services

While reverse osmosis systems are great in so many ways, it is important to hire a professional technician who knows how to provide correct installation and tune-ups, otherwise your water could taste even worse than before. Luckily, the pros at Moe Plumbing Services have years of experience, and are capable of handling all your reverse osmosis and other plumbing requirements. For Los Angeles plumbing experts that have been around since 1927, call today.

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