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    "Javier thoroughly explained the problem and options!"
    Javier from Moe Plumbing was super-polite, VERY neat in cutting into our wall to diagnose and thoroughly explained the problem and options!
    - Happy Customer
    "We would recommend Moe's to anyone searching for a reputable plumber."
    Excellent Service !!! We contacted Moe's Plumbing regarding an issue with a shower located on our second story. We had house guests from out of town on their way and our shower was out of commission. Moe's responded promptly and professionally. From the call with Customer Service to the arrival and completion of the repair by the repair Technician, the service was EXCELLENT. We would recommend Moe's to anyone searching for a reputable plumber. Thank you for the great service.
    - Happy Customer
    "These people are honest and have 100% integrity"
    These people are honest and have 100% integrity. I recently had an issue with a wall heater, a concern I clearly articulated in my initial phone conversation. The tech came late (thanks LA traffic) and said, after 3-5 minutes looking at the unit, that the company would not allow him to do the job. I thanked him and he left. I called a contractor friend who said ridiculous. He came, we bought the pieces necessary. ($5.58 @ Home Depot). And did the job ourselves in 36 minutes. I then received a bill for $97 from My Merry Plumbing. For no work done. Stunned does not describe my reaction. I called this morning and spoke to Noami, explained my situation and simply asked how she would feel if this had happened to her at her home? LET ME TELL YOU SHE WAS INCREDIBLE! She immediately said that there was a mistake in issuing an invoice and that it would be waived. That they did not typically deal with heaters or air conditioning and was surprised that a service call was issued. She also said that as this was our first encounter she wanted to ensure my happiness as a customer. WOW! Does this happen anymore? I assured her that I own 2 properties and would not hesitate to call on their services in the future! It is good to know that customer service and integrity still reside in the world and particularly with My Merry Plumbing. I will be referring them to my friends.
    - Anonymous
    "I would not hesitate to continue to recommend you to new clients."

    I’ve done business with you numerous times before and will continue to do so, in fact, I have a project waiting for a part, to be performed in Westwood for a client of mine. I would not hesitate to continue to recommend you to new clients. You’ve more than proven yourselves, by your actions yesterday and standing behind your work.

    - Karen
    "I really appreciate all the guys at Moe."
    I am so thankful to Moe. We had called around and initially had another plumbing company come out because they gave me a guaranteed price of what it would cost to fix our clogged drain. Sure enough the cost was not what they said over the phone, in fact it was over $600 (not $99). After my wife had an uneasy feeling, she decided to get a second opinion. The plumber from Moe came out and not only fixed the problem, but showed me that the first plumber was being dishonest about the repairs he said we needed. I really appreciate all the guys at Moe.
    - Anonymous
    "I thoroughly trust him"
    Jorge Gutierrez has generally been the technician who works on my home. He is always very capable, professional and nice. I never hesitate to leave him alone in my home since I usually have to be at work when the repairs are completed and I thoroughly trust him. That is one of the highest compliments I can pay!
    - Deborah Rosenthal
    "I want to compliment your staff for being great!"
    My homeowners had great things to say about your men, how courteous, clean and professional. You know in today's world, everyone is in a hurry, crabby, unhappy and complains about everything and everyone. Customer service is non-existent in most companies, it's a take it or leave kind of world. Well I want to compliment your staff for being great!!! Please let Marise, Charlie and Allan know that I and homeowners appreciate and thank them.
    - Candi
    "I must say that you have an exceptional staff."
    I must say that you have an exceptional staff. I always receive the absolute best service from everyone I deal with at Moe. Everyone from the people on the phone, to your technicians. I just had Tony and Skip here and they were great, as always. Thank you!!
    - Karen King
    "Highly recommended!!!!! The best ever!!!"
    Arrived on time - repaired a stubborn problem that I have tried numerous times to repair. Jeremy was super nice and did a super duper job. Highly recommended!!!!! The best ever!!!
    - Joel T.
    "I couldn't be happier with the service."
    We love using Moe, we have you do everything. You are wonderful! Always so gracious, helpful and professional. I couldn't be happier with the service.
    - Lizanne
    "Moe is the best!"
    Excellent, excellent, excellent. Moe is the best!
    - Judy E.
    "Reliable Plumber!"
    Very good, reliable plumber.
    - Patrick G
    "The service is outstanding."
    My favorite! The service is outstanding. I've been using Moe Plumbing for years and I will continue to do so for an even longer time.
    - Liz
    "We love Moe!"
    Always happy with the work we have done. We love Moe!
    - Robert
    "I just would like to pass on how satisfied I am"
    My name is Donald, Jose installed a bathroom faucet yesterday and the second time he's been on a job at our house and I just would like to pass on how satisfied I am with how quickly he works, how clean he leaves everything, and how skillful he is at his trade. I am very satisfied and would like to pass on this comment about him. Have a nice holiday thank you very much!
    - Donald
    "I am happy with my service!"
    I am happy with my service. Javier was spot on with each task he performed. I will be calling again as I plan to remodel our kitchen.
    - Mr. White
    "I will be referring Moe Plumbing to all of my friends."
    I want to thank Moe Plumbing for having such a professional tech. Jose was well groomed, very nice to speak with, and did very clean work.Overall a wonderful experience. I will be referring Moe to all of my friends. Job well done!
    - Kane
    "I am very happy with my services! I will be calling back soon for more work."
    I have to give praise to Jorge and Moe Plumbing! I am very happy with my services! I will be calling back soon for more work. Very satisfied!
    - George
    "Give this guy a raise! Or a promotion. Or something!"
    Give this guy a raise! Or a promotion. Or something! Encountered him on Glenoaks near the DMV (That's a whole other story!) This morning btwn 11:00 and Noon. Initially took the picture as sort of a goof. Then things turned. He and I got stopped in the left-turn bay. As we waited, an older gentleman pedestrian using a walker got only halfway across Glenoaks before the signal stopped him. Unbeknownst to the old guy (and me), there's a crosswalk button on the median so marooned pedestrians can request the WALK sign. But the Moe man knew it. And he hopped out of his truck long enough to push the button for the stranger. Just exactly the sort of Random Act of Kindness we need more of today. Much more! I really do hope you can ID your man. Give some credit where credit is due. And here's some incentive to do so. Get the word to your Goodwill Ambassador, and I'll buy you lunch.
    - Keith