H. L. Moe Adds Pipe Bursting Technology As a Cost Effective Option for Sewer Replacements

Moe Plumbing Services, a Division of H.L. Moe, Co., Inc. has expanded its sewer repair services to include pipe bursting, an additional trenchless option for sewer line repairs. Because this technology does not require the entire sewer line to be dug-up, this service is both cost-effective and efficient. This minimizes the downtime and the effects on landscaping and hardscaping of the surrounding areas.

Moe Plumbing is the only union service plumber to provide this and the other advanced sewer repair and maintenance services including trenchless sewer repair and commercial grade hydrojetting.

"In a city where the aging infrastructure is starting to take effect, we are pleased to offer our customers an affordable long-term solution," commented Mike Davis, President of Moe Plumbing. "We are pleased that we have rounded out our options to provide customers with every option that is currently available to the marketplace."

Following the great success that the drain division experienced with the introduction of the high-powered commercial-grade hydrojetter equipment (4,000 PSI at 20 GPM) in 2009, and the trenchless cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) sewer repair, the division was eager to add pipe bursting as another option. While the trenchless/CIPP repair option is similar, there are certain conditions where pipe bursting is more ideal, especially when sewer lines are badly cracked or separated.

Pipe bursting is a widely used technology that allows pipes that are buried to be replaced without having to excavate the entire length of the pipe. This is done by excavating two locations and using a machine that pulls a new pipe through an existing pipe of equal or greater diameter. At the same time, the existing pipe is shattered as the new pipe is pulled through. This is convenient in cases of paved streets, parking lots, driveways and structures where in the past excavation was required. This replacement option minimizes the downtime, taking on average one day to fully replace a sewer line and restore operation.

"It is our desire to bring the most innovative technologies and solutions to our customers," Davis stated. "Trenchless solutions are certainly far better than what was available in the past and we are thrilled to be able to expand those offerings."