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3 Common Water Heater Issues that Need Immediate Repair

From the shower to the kitchen, water heaters serve a crucial purpose in every person’s home. If your water heater suddenly fails or begins functioning improperly, you and your family may be left with only cold water. To ensure you always have hot water readily available, it is important to remain aware of signs that your water heater unit is in need of repair. Below, our team of Los Angeles plumbers has listed and explained these signs:

1. Lack of Hot Water

If your unit is not producing hot water or inadequately producing hot water, this is a sign that your water heater needs to be repaired. A water heater could fail for reasons such as broken heating elements, failed thermo-couplings, or an improperly programmed thermostat.

2. Strange Noises

If you hear odd noises coming from the inside of your water heater tank, this can be a sign of buildup on the inside of the tank. Alternatively, a damaged heating element can be noisy as they begin to burn out. If you hear strange noises coming from your unit, get in touch with our plumbing team right away.

3. Puddles on the Floor Near Your Water Heater

If you notice puddles on the ground near your water heater, this is most likely a sign that there is a crack in your unit. The most important thing you can do it immediately shut off the electrical supply to the water heater and contact an experienced plumber from our team right away.

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