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Blogs from June, 2017


If you are planning a long summer vacation, you most likely have a list of tasks to prepare your home for your absence. While you may reprogram your thermostat or stop your mail temporarily, preparing your household plumbing system requires attention to prevent a plumbing accident while you’re away.

Before you board a plane or embark on a road trip this summer, go through the following checklist:

  1. Shut off the water. The best possible way to help prevent any accidents or damage is to turn off the main water supply. In addition, shut off the individual water valves to the dishwasher, icemaker, and washing machine.
  2. Drain the sprinkler system. Drips and leaks from outside faucets and hoses can add up to huge water bills. Ensure that nobody has free access to the water that you’re paying for.
  3. Inspect the gutters. Gutters are designed to drain rainwater from the roof. Remove any debris and leaves to ensure that they can handle the summer rain while you’re gone.
  4. Test the sump pump. A sump pump is designed to prevent basement flooding if your gutters fail. Test the pump by pouring water into the sump pit to increase the water level. If it ejects the water properly, then your basement is safe.
  5. Adjust the water heater. Set your water heater at the lowest setting possible to keep your energy bill low. In addition, you can also shut it off completely.
  6. Ask someone to check on your home while you’re on vacation. Whether it’s a friend or a neighbor, have him or her check your home periodically so you have some peace of mind while you’re away from home.

By putting these helpful tips into effect, your vacation will be spent enjoying your summer to the fullest, instead of worrying about your home. If you require the professional assistance of Moe Plumbing Services in prepping your home before you leave, schedule a service with our Glendale plumbing team right away!

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