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Many people don't pay attention to their water heaters, but they are - in some ways - the unsung heroes of your home. They make sure you have the hot water you need to handle a number of your household chores. They are appliances in your home that is consistent and doesn't require much attention. It's important to remember, though, that they can still have potential problems. When they do, it's easy to notice as you will have no hot water. Before you have to worry about your water heater, take the time to have maintenance done to your tank. Our team can provide water heater repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance.

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Expert Los Angeles Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining your water heater can save you the hassle - and costs - of repairs or completely replacing your tank. If you need water heater maintenance in Los Angeles, our team at Moe Plumbing Services can help you. We usually encourage that homeowners take certain steps to make sure their water heater is good, but we remain available if you are unsure how to take the steps or if you just don't want to do it yourself.

Some maintenance steps include:

  • Checking the pressure relief valve
  • Removing sediment build-up by flushing the water heater
  • Checking the anode rod
  • Insulate the heater
  • Adjust the temperature
  • Insulate the pipes

Installations & Replacements You Can Rely On

At Moe Plumbing Services, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality water heater replacement and tankless water heater installations. We know how this equipment well and we make sure we offer our customers the best products. By replacing your current water heater or installing a tankless water heater, you are giving yourself a better, more effective alternative. As water heaters age, they have to work harder to do their job. Tankless water heaters allow you to access hot water instantly without the long wait. It can save you time waiting for the water to heat up, money on your bills, and even space.

Family-Owned Business Since 1927

Moe Plumbing Services was established in 1927 with a goal in mind to provide the best service possible. We always aim to show up on time and on schedule, be recognized for our integrity, and always treat everyone fairly and with dignity. We have been trusted by countless clients who need new water heaters or other services to make sure their current tank runs up to par. Our water heater repair team also recognizes that emergencies can happen and if they do with your water heater, it can cause numerous problems. This is why we remain available around-the-clock service on nights and weekend so you can be sure someone will be there for you.

Don't hesitate to learn more about our water heater services if you need help in the Los Angeles area. Our team can take the proper steps to provide you with the service you need when you need it most. It is our goal to make customers for life who know they can trust in our company to provide the right solution at the right time.

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