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Blogs from October, 2013

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H.L. Moe Co., Inc. (Moe Plumbing) proudly announces that it has obtained Val Ramos Plumbing of Santa Monica. This merger, which will be official on October 9, 2013, will expand Moe Plumbing's reach in the residential plumbing service arena and increase technician hours. In addition, this marks 22nd company to join the H.L. Moe Family of businesses, and the seventh company that had previously disengaged with the plumbers union.

"We are excited about welcoming the Val Ramos customers to our business. We expect that they will be pleased with our customer service, skill level and 24/7 availability," commented Mike Davis, President of Moe Plumbing. "The Ramos family has built solid relationships with their customers and its an honor that they have selected us to take on those relationships as they pursue other ventures."

Moe Plumbing has purchased more than 20 companies in the last decade. Seven of those businesses were former union members, that had resigned their involvement. This includes Carlson Plumbing, Merry Plumbing, Vick Plumbing, William Peet Plumbing, C. H. Berger Plumbing and San Marino Plumbing. With each acquisition, Moe is not only expanding its customer base, but is also growing the number of union residential service plumbers. This improves the industry as a whole as it creates more qualified and consistently trained plumbers.

"It is our goal to gain more of the residential service and repair market by identifying businesses that hold similar values as Moe. Often times owners have no succession plan yet they have customers and employees that they sincerely care about," said Davis. "As a family-run and union company, we have found that owners feel confident transitioning their customers and their plumbers into the Moe family of businesses."