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Blogs from August, 2019


Here at H.L. Moe, we’ve always been dedicated to being the best we can be, and that means so much more than just how we treat our customers. When it comes to how we operate our business, we’re committed to honesty, efficiency, and perhaps most importantly, safety. We go to great lengths to ensure that all of our workers are protected when out on the job, and that includes by making sure they are all licensed, bonded, and fully-insured, which also protects you as our customer in turn.

So when we were notified that we were chosen to receive the Award of Excellence from Artisans Insurance, we couldn’t help but be overjoyed! The Award of Excellence is an honor given to only a small handful of companies who are able to meet a rigorous and stringent set of criteria. Winners must have a score of greater than 90 percent on all eligible points, which means that only those who are able to uphold the highest standards of excellence in their day-to-day operation will qualify.

Here at Moe Plumbing, we’re extremely proud to be one of the names who can say they’ve received this honor. Not only is it a high-level recognition of something we take extremely seriously in our business, but it’s a demonstration of just how effective and skilled we are at it. When we say we’re committed to offering you the best service available, we mean it in all aspects, including our approach to the safety of you, your home, and our technician who comes to service it.

This is the first time we’ve received this honor at Moe Plumbing since we first joined up with Artisans in late 2016, and we certainly hope it’s not the last. While we’re proud of our win this year, we fully intend on securing additional wins for this award in future years as well.

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