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Blogs from December, 2023


Avoid a Plumbing Problem This Holiday Season

Holiday festivities are around the corner, and while you may be preoccupied with decorating your home and planning your Christmas dinner, paying attention to your home's plumbing system is equally important. Amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, your plumbing system might be subjected to additional strain, which can lead to unforeseen issues. Common Christmas plumbing mishaps could range from clogged sinks after a hearty festive meal to overloaded washing machines with all the holiday laundry.

To ensure you enjoy this joyous time stress-free, we recommend these five essential Christmas plumbing tips:

  1. Be mindful of what goes down your sink.
  2. Prepare your plumbing system for colder temperatures.
  3. Limit the load on your washing machine.
  4. Keep your bathroom plumbing in check.
  5. Schedule a professional plumbing inspection.

Keep reading as we discuss these tips in greater depth.

Proper Garbage Disposal and Drain Usage for the Holiday Season

Ensuring proper use of garbage disposal and drains during the festive season is crucial to prevent unwanted plumbing issues. Remember, your sink isn't a trash can. The wrong items down the drain can lead to clogs and harm your disposal system. They can also lead to sewer line problems and backups when you least expect them.

Here are five things you should never put down your sink drain:

  • Cooking Grease or Oil
  • Coffee Grounds
  • Eggshells
  • Bones
  • Pasta or Rice

Preparing Your Plumbing System for Colder Temperatures

Even though we don't experience the freezing temperatures common in other regions, you may still notice your plumbing system struggling during colder weather. Symptoms may include hot water taking longer to heat or an unpleasant blast of cold water when you first turn on your taps.

Consider installing a hot water recirculator pump in your home’s plumbing system to combat these issues. This device can help limit the shock of cold water by keeping warm water circulating through your system. Furthermore, upgrading your water heater or replacing an outdated system with a tankless water heater can ensure reliable hot water throughout the winter months.

Avoid Overloading Your Washing Machine

During the holiday season, the temptation to cram as many clothes as possible into your washing machine can be strong. However, overloading your washing machine can strain its mechanics and potentially lead to serious plumbing issues.

When your washing machine is overloaded, it doesn't drain properly. This can cause water to back up into your pipes, leading to leaks or even floods. Moreover, the added weight on the machine can damage its bearings and the drum, resulting in costly repairs or replacements.

To prevent these issues, following the manufacturer's instructions regarding load size and ensuring your clothes have plenty of room to move around in the drum is advisable. This simple measure will save you potential headaches and avoid tertiary damage to your plumbing system.

Keeping Your Bathroom Plumbing in Check

During the festive season, your bathroom plumbing can undergo quite a bit of stress due to the influx of guests. This increased usage can lead to common problems like slow drains, blocked toilets, and leaky faucets.

Shower Drain Blockage

This can be due to accumulated hair, soap, and other debris, leading to slower drainage and eventual blockage. To prevent this, ensure you have drain covers in place to catch hair and other particles. Regularly cleaning these covers can also help maintain a clear drainage system.

Toilet Trouble

The increased usage can lead to clogs, especially if inappropriate items are flushed down. Guests may often be unaware of what can and can't be flushed in your home. Prevent potential blockages by placing a sign in your bathroom reminding guests to only dispose of toilet paper in the toilet.

Problems with Faucets

The number one problem with bathroom faucets is leaking. This is often due to worn-out seals and gaskets. To avoid this, consider checking and servicing your faucets before the holiday season starts.

Schedule an Annual Plumbing Inspection with Moe Plumbing Services

Scheduling an annual plumbing inspection with Moe Plumbing Services can be highly beneficial, particularly if your house is older or vintage. An annual inspection provides a comprehensive review of your entire plumbing system, ensuring it functions efficiently and pinpointing any potential issues before they escalate.

A professional from Moe Plumbing Services can meticulously examine each aspect of your plumbing system, from the pipes and faucets to the drains and sewer lines. We are adept at identifying weak points, resolving minor problems, and suggesting preemptive measures to avoid major repairs down the line.

Get your plumbing system ready for the holidays. Contact Moe Plumbing Services to schedule an appointment.