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Blogs from August, 2018


With the excessive heat of summer, it is important to have a properly functioning air conditioner. This will allow you to stay cool, save money on energy bills, protect the quality of your indoor air, and reduce the level of humidity in your home. If your air conditioner is old and corroded, it may experience a variety of issues. There are several warning signs you can look for to detect problems with your air conditioner.

6 Common AC Issues

Signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner include:

  1. Lack of cold air. If the air coming through your vents is not as cold as it used to be, or it is not cold at all, there may be a problem with the system. The freon level might be low, or the compressor may not be functioning properly. When you turn on the air conditioner, you should begin to feel chilled air coming into your home. If this does not happen, it is a sign of a serious problem.
  2. Limited airflow. Lack of air flow could also indicate a problem with your air conditioner. If it seems there is barely any air coming into your vents, the compressor may be broken or corroded. Your air conditioner should send a steady stream of air through your home. If the air is cold, but there is not enough coming in, it is important to get professional help immediately.
  3. High energy bills. Unusually high energy bills could be a sign that your system is not functioning efficiently. Leaky ducts could also cause air to escape, resulting in higher energy bills. If you notice your energy bills rising, it is important to have your air conditioner inspected and repaired.
  4. Strange noises. Rattling, rumbling, grinding, or squeaking sounds are not normal. If the equipment in your air conditioner is worn down, corroded, broken, or damaged, it may cause unusual noises. If you notice strange sounds coming from your unit when it is turned on, this could indicate a problem.
  5. Unusual smells. Strange odors may also indicate a malfunction of your air conditioner. If you smell an acrid or burnt odor, it may be that the wiring has become corroded or the insulation has been overheated. Musty smells may also indicate mold in your system.
  6. Moisture leakage. Puddles of water around the base of your air conditioner, or moisture leakage inside the unit, is also a serious issue. In some cases, the drain tube may be clogged or broken. In other cases, the refrigerant may be leaking. This could put you at risk for serious health problems. If you notice moisture around your unit, it is important to get the system repaired right away.

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