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Blogs from May, 2019

Clogged drain

Video plumbing inspections are not a new service by any means—the technology has existed for several years now. They’re also not particularly difficult to conduct either. And yet these simple services are perhaps your greatest ally and your plumber’s best friend when it comes to accurately and effectively diagnosing your plumbing issues. You can’t see what’s going on inside your plumbing lines on a normal basis, but with a video camera inspection, your Los Angeles plumber can quickly and properly create a plan for solving your issues and getting your home working smoothly again.

Here are four of the plumbing problems that can be easily diagnosed with a video camera inspection that would otherwise be difficult or even impossible to figure out.

Tree Root Intrusions

Tree root intrusions used to be one of the most obnoxious and difficult plumbing problems to fix. Repairs required excavating your blocked-up drain or sewer lines, which meant digging up your property or even tearing into your home’s foundation to get at the blocked pipe. Replacing it was difficult, but then you’d also have to deal with restoring your home and your yard. Thanks to hydrojetting and other rooter services, excavation isn’t a necessity anymore, and a video camera inspection can confirm that one of these alternative services will get the job done when it comes to clearing away your tree root problem. Tree roots can quickly grow, expand, and fill the entire area of your line, but a video camera inspection can spot this in a heartbeat and let your plumber fix it for you.

Sewer Line Damage

Does it smell particularly bad in your yard? Do you have standing water in areas which don’t seem right? These are all signs that you may have an issue with your sewer line. A damaged sewer line, including one which is cracked, corroded, or worn-out, is one that needs to be repaired, or at the very least re-lined, but it’s hard to know that you’re dealing with that problem without seeing for yourself first. Video camera inspections can not only confirm the damage to your sewer line, but can also help determine if trenchless pipe repair technology is an option for getting it fixed, saving you the hassle of an excavation.

Drain Clogs

Do you have a slow drain? What about a drain that’s completely backed up? Are several drains in one area not working properly? Find out why with a video camera inspection. Video camera inspections can not only tell you whether or not you have a clog, but what the clog is actually composed of. This is important because it will tell your plumber what they need to do in order to resolve it. Certain types of clogs require certain types of repair methods to get rid of them, and making sure you use the right one the first time can prevent the headache of failed attempts. Likewise, this can also help determine if your pipes are healthy enough for treatments like hydrojetting, which not only removes clogs but cleans your pipes to keep them clog free for even longer.

Pipe Bellying

Pipe bellying is the name for an area of your pipes starting to sag in the middle, resulting in a recession where water and waste can sit and accumulate. Bellying is a problem because waste easily accumulates here, creating clogs which quickly back up your entire sewer line, Likewise, water can also stagnate here, resulting in awful odors and increased wear and tear on your line itself. It’s not uncommon for pipe bellies to be areas where corrosion quickly wears through pipes and creates leaks. Unfortunately, bellying is something that can only really be fixed by replacing the line entirely, but being able to visually inspect the line to find out if that’s the problem you’re dealing with is invaluable.

If you’ve got a plumbing problem, let our skilled Los Angeles plumbers get it fixed with the help of a video camera inspection! Give us a call at (818) 396-8002 today to request more information.