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Blogs from November, 2019


We hear those sleigh bells jingling, and our plumbers’ phones are ring-ting-tingling too during the holiday season! Though most people don’t realize it, plumbing systems go through a lot of extra work during the “most wonderful time of the year.” For instance, people need extra hot water for their overnight visitors to shower. More food goes down the garbage disposal than during any other season. And yes, many hapless guests fall victim to easily-clogged toilets in unfamiliar bathrooms.

To ensure that your holiday gatherings go off without a hitch, use these plumbing tips from the pros at Moe.

1. Address any plumbing problems you know of ASAP.

Before your schedule gets any busier, contact a plumber now if you are already aware of a plumbing issue in your home. Things like a slow sink drain, a toilet that clogs weekly, or a faucet that you have difficulty shutting off won’t get better with guests in the house. The issue will most likely get worse as more people use your home’s plumbing.

2. Equip your bathroom with a wastebasket.

If you don’t already have one, buy a wastebasket for your bathroom before your next holiday get-together. If there is nowhere in the bathroom to toss trash, some people will default to using the toilet as a garbage can. This can result in a clog--or even a flooding toilet. Avoid a wet Christmas: buy that wastebasket.

3. Warn your guests if you have a low-flow toilet.

Make sure all of your guests know if your toilet is low-flow (as in it uses less water per flush to be more efficient). Someone who is not used to a low-flow toilet might try to flush too much toilet paper at once and cause a clog. If you’re worried that your guests might forget, post a sign in your bathroom to remind them.

4. Keep a plunger beside your toilet.

Despite people’s best efforts, clogs still occur. Luckily, most of your adult guests know how to use a plunger to solve the problem. You can save them some embarrassment by keeping a plunger handy so that they can fix the clog on their own while no one is the wiser.

5. Limit what you put down the garbage disposal.

Several holiday foods pose a threat to your garbage disposal’s health. Fibrous or starchy veggies and their peels can cause clogs and jams in the unit’s components. Hard items, like seeds, pits, and bones, can break your garbage disposal altogether. Oil, grease, and fat can also wreak havoc on the drain, so dispose of these substances directly into the trash.

If a plumbing problem interrupts your midnight holiday bash, contact Moe Plumbing Services at (818) 396-8002 for 24/7 emergency plumbing services.