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Blogs from August, 2020

Saving Money on AC Costs

It’s August now, and chances are you’ve been running your AC system consistently for the past couple of months. And while you’ve been using your air conditioner more, it’s also possible that you’ve seen your energy bills go up. But it’s not too late to save on summer AC costs! While it’s unavoidable for your cooling expenses to rise somewhat during the summertime, you should not waste money unnecessarily. And in areas like right here in Southern California, it often stays extremely warm through September and October, so you might as well take advantage of as many AC hacks as you can. Keep reading for our top five ways to cut down on your summer AC bills, and remember to contact our experienced HVAC techs at H.L. Moe Co., Inc. for all your AC repair and installation needs.

5 Reliable Ways to Reduce Summer AC Bills:

  1. Let Your AC Run Even When You Are Not Home: We know this might sound like a crazy way to save money, but before you start judging, let us explain. Say you leave your home on a really hot day to go to work. By the time you have come back, the heatwave will have made your apartment sweltering, and chances are the first thing you’ll do when you walk through the door is crank the AC as low as it will go. This will force your air conditioner to work harder in an attempt to cool your home faster—and the harder your AC has to work, the more you are going to end up spending on that energy bill. By setting your AC at a stable 72 degrees when you leave for the day, you’ll be able to come home to a comfortable house, and your unit will not have to overexert itself to cool down your space.
  2. Turn Your Thermostat Up: This is the second counterintuitive piece of advice we’re giving in a row—“wait, you want me to turn my thermostat up when it gets warmer outside?”, you may be saying. But take it from our HVAC industry professionals, the ideal thermostat temperature during the summer months is somewhere around 78 degrees. The fact is, your energy bills are going to go up over the summer because of your increased AC usage. But you can offset this added expense by turning up your thermostat and simply letting your AC do what it does best. Keeping your thermostat at a consistent temperature also helps eliminate hot and cold spots in your home, making it easier for your air conditioning system to do its job. If you are gone for work all day as well, per our suggestion above, you may actually want to raise your thermostat as high as 82 degrees in order to experience optimal savings and comfort. Installing a smart thermostat can also help you establish the ideal temperature throughout your home.
  3. Seal Up Holes & Cracks: The average American loses roughly 25-30% of their HVAC system’s heating and cooling power every year simply because of air leaks throughout their home. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can significantly reduce air loss by sealing up cracks and holes wherever possible. Start by weatherstripping doors and windows, and consider inspecting your attic, where a ton of air can get let out due to poor insulation.
  4. Prevent Sun From Getting In: During the summer, many people want to spend as much time as possible outdoors and in the sun. And as long as you are wearing sunscreen, this is fine! But might we suggest that when you come back inside, you try and leave the sun outside as much as possible. While everyone wants a certain amount of natural light in their homes, leaving windows unobstructed can increase heat gain in your house as much as 45%! And remember, not only does this mean less comfort, this means your AC has to work harder, which equates to higher energy bills. Where you can, try to close the curtains and draw the blinds. You may not always want the shades up, but we promise that using them during a heatwave is better for your AC, your home, and ultimately, yourself.
  5. Install a Few Ceiling Fans: Yes, you read that right— ceiling fans! Not only is a well-placed ceiling fan extremely effective at cooling a given room down, it can actually provide you an additional level of comfort when working in conjunction with your AC. Ceiling fans generate airflow that you simply do not get by only using your air conditioner. And in addition to making your AC more effective, ceiling fans are perfect for nighttime or more temperature days, when you can end up wasting a lot of money by running your air conditioner.

Our final recommendation? Don’t hesitate to call an HVAC technician! Waiting to deal with problems till the last minute is extremely bad for your HVAC system, and may end up causing you to spend a ton of money on unnecessary HVAC repairs and replacements. Call now at (818) 396-8002 to schedule a consultation, or feel free to send us a message about potential AC savings online. And don’t forget to ask about available specials and financing!