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Blogs from November, 2020

A homeowner adjusting their thermostat through a smartphone

Nowadays, there are many ways to make your home smarter. When you are miles away, you can lock your doors, turn off your lights, and adjust the temperature of your thermostat. WiFi thermostats are not just a cool gadget, they are beneficial to your home and your wallet.

Why should you consider switching your home to a smart thermostat?

1. Can be Controlled by a Smartphone or Tablet

Accessibility and convenience are two huge perks of having a WiFi thermostat. To be able to adjust the temperature with your cell phone or tablet allows you to have greater control over your home, even while you are away. Log in to your smart thermostat app before you get home and set the thermostat to your ideal temperature. Walk through your door and be welcomed by a perfectly heated or cooled oasis.

2. Helps Cut Home Comfort Cost

Being able to make adjustments to the thermostat remotely means you don’t need to keep your heating and air at the perfect temperature all day long. While you are away, adjust the temperature a little lower to save energy and money. Having a smart thermostat can save you 10-15% per year on heating and cooling.

3. Notifies You if Your HVAC Unit Needs Repair/Filter Change

It isn’t always obvious that your air conditioning system or heater is in need of some TLC. Smart thermostats keep track of your heating and cooling patterns and can notify you if something does not seem to be working at it’s best. You can also receive reminders, via your phone or tablet, for things like changing your AC filter.

WiFi Thermostat Installation and Services in Glendale, CA

If you’re looking to have one installed, or your current WiFi thermostat alerts you of problems or routine service requirements Moe Plumbing Services is here to help! Give us a call at (818) 396-8002 to schedule your appointment!