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Blogs from September, 2020

central air conditioner condenser against brick wall

How Can I Improve My Central Air Conditioner’s Performance?

When it comes to your home, you’ll do anything in your power to keep it comfortable at all costs. And one prominent feature that can help make that happen is your central air conditioner. Whether it’s a hot and humid day in the middle of August or a warm autumn day in October, this central comfort device can create a comfortable difference in your humble abode.

However, to help keep your central cooling system in tip-top shape for the years to come, you’ll need to provide it with some TLC to make that happen. Without further ado, here are some ways you can help keep your air conditioner around for quite some time:

How Can I Help Maintain My Central Air Conditioner?

Always Have Repairs Made

If you notice that something seems doesn't seem right with your central air conditioner, don’t put it off for another day — have repairs made right away. As it turns out, your central comfort system may run into some problems down the road — from uneven cooling to making startling noises when the compressor kicks on, these are only a few of the many issues that should be a cause for concern.

Furthermore, failure to have these matters tended to right away can cause your central unit to deteriorate, work much harder than it has to, and can even make it break down beyond the brink of repair.

Schedule Annual Maintenance

When was the last time you scheduled maintenance for your central air conditioner? If you cannot recall, now would be the perfect time to create a reminder for yourself. As it turns out, central air conditioners go through a lot of wear and tear over the years — but a maintenance appointment, with a professional, can help make things a little easier on your unit.

Think of a central air conditioner maintenance appointment as a yearly physical with your physician: An HVAC technician will examine your central cooling system from head to toe and will run diagnostics to ensure that it’s in proper working order. However, the minute they encounter something that seems to be out of the ordinary, they’ll alert you and will communicate the potential fixes they can make to correct the problem at hand.

Don’t Forget to Replace the Filter

Replacing the filter within your central air conditioner is very important. The filter happens to be one of your unit's most vital parts — since it helps trap airborne particles from entering the system and prevents them from being redistributed. Another perk about an air filter is that it will help your unit work efficiently; there won’t be any room for airborne particles and allergens to hinder its performance.

On average, a homeowner with no pets should consider replacing their unit’s air filter about every 90 days to not only ensure clean air but to help keep the unit running as smooth as possible. Of course, if you have dogs or cats, you may want to change your filter every 60 days (or sooner) for optimal results.

Clean the Condenser

Do you typically check on your unit’s condenser? If not, it would be beneficial to start making that a habit — since that’s what helps produce cold air for your home! On average, twigs, leaves, and other foliage can get trapped within the fins of a condenser — ultimately hindering its performance. To keep your central air conditioner top-tier, consider gently cleaning out the fins when the unit is off at least twice a year.

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