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Blogs from May, 2021

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3 Common Ways Homeowners Waste Water at Home

Let’s face it — we’re all guilty of wasting H2O here and there. Whether it’s forgetting to shut the sprinklers off during a hot summer day or taking a long shower, sadly, these things add up and can equate to an alarming monthly water bill.

However, there are a few common “everyday” ways you might be wasting water and not even realize it. Luckily, your friends at Moe Plumbing Services are here to inform you of some of those instances in this blog:

1. Letting the Water Run as You Brush Your Teeth

When you’re brushing your pearly whites — typically, once in the morning and a second time in the evening — do you tend to let the faucet run? If you do, unfortunately, you’re wasting water. The Environmental Protection Agency states that, on average, you’re wasting about 4 gallons of water per brushing.

In a conscious effort to make sure you’re saving H2O, consider filling up a “rinse cup” with water and wetting your brush first, then shut the tap off. Once you’ve finished brushing and rinsing, turn the faucet back on and give the sink a quick rinse.

2. Washing Half-Loads of Laundry

We loathe to inform you, but you should only wash full loads of laundry — not half-loads. While it may seem convenient to throw a few towels into the wash now and then, you’re wasting much more water than you think.

On average, many washing machines use between 29 to 45 gallons of water per load — and when you’re only washing a towel or a shirt, you’re using that much H2O to get the job done. To help cut back on your water usage, consider either hand washing smaller laundry loads or waiting until you have enough laundry to complete a full load.

3. Ignoring Leaky Pipes

While many homeowners will jump to call their plumber when they find a leaky pipe present in their home, others may attempt to DIY the situation or put off the repair altogether. When this happens (you guessed it!), you’ll be wasting much more H2O than you think — as well as put your home at risk of water damage, and worse: a burst pipe.

The best solution is to seek the assistance of your plumber to help repair the problem at hand. If you notice that a particular pipe has been repaired several times, it may be best to consider having it replaced with a newer, much sturdier pipe.

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