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Blogs from September, 2021

old plumbing faucets

Living in an older home is a dream for many people. Vintage homes are charming, and many homeowners enjoy the process of renovating and restoring old buildings to their former glory. Of course, repairing any home is a huge undertaking, and this is especially true of old homes. Tracking down original elements, replacing outdated materials, and adhering to traditional designs can be difficult.

Vintage homes are also known to have plumbing problems. It is important to be aware of these issues so you can fix them and create the home of your dreams.

Outdated Pipes and Fixtures

If you are restoring an old home, it is likely that the pipes and other plumbing fixtures will need to be replaced. These outdated elements are not only unattractive and more prone to breakdowns — they can also be dangerous. Pipes, especially, may be made from materials that are now known to be toxic, such as lead. Whereas certain materials may have been seen as fine when the home was built, we now are aware of their potentially hazardous effects. It is crucial to replace old plumbing as soon as possible if such materials were used in the construction.

Unresolved Plumbing Problems

Your home may have plumbing issues that have been present for a long time, or a less-than-stellar “repair” from years ago may need to be corrected. This is a big problem in older homes that have been vacant for a long time but can also be an issue if the home was inhabited. Even if you have been told that an issue was repaired, it could be beneficial to get the advice of a plumber to make sure the problem has been properly fixed. You should look out for any temporary fixes in the plumbing as well to make sure a more permanent solution is implemented.

Damaged Sewer Lines

While you cannot see your sewer lines, you will certainly notice if they are not working correctly. In vintage homes, it’s likely that the sewer lines have not been repaired, maintained — or even looked at — in years. The assistance of a professional can be crucial in ensuring that the sewer lines in your older home are working properly and will not unexpectedly fail.

For help with these common antique plumbing issues and other problems in your vintage home, contact Moe Plumbing Services today. We have helped homeowners since 1927 and are very familiar with older plumbing systems.

If you need assistance with the plumbing issues in your home, contact us online or call (818) 396-8002.