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Blogs from April, 2022


We all know that eco-friendly practices are important to help save our planet. Here are some easy ways that you can make your plumbing more eco-friendly and help conserve water:

1. Check for leaks regularly and fix them promptly.

A small drip can waste a lot of water over time! In fact, even a small drip from a faucet can waste up to 3 gallons of water per day.

2. Recycle greywater.

Greywater is the water that goes down the drain after being used for tasks like washing dishes or laundry. You can recycle this water by using it to water your plants or flush your toilet.

3. Compost.

You can compost food scraps and other organic materials to reduce the amount of waste that goes down your drain. This will also help reduce the amount of water needed to process this waste.

4. Wash laundry efficiently.

Looking for ways to save water during laundry? Here are some eco-friendly tips that can help:

  1. Wash only full loads: Washing only full loads of laundry can help you save both water and energy. If you must wash a smaller load, adjust the settings on your machine accordingly.
  2. Skip the prewash cycle: Unless your clothes are extremely dirty, skipping the prewash cycle can save a lot of water. Just be sure to select the correct cycle for the type of fabric you're washing.
  3. Line dry your clothes: Line drying your clothes is a great way to save energy and water. If you don't have access to an outdoor clothesline, you can line dry indoors on a drying rack.

Other easy ways to cut back on your water usage include:

  • Don't let the water run while you're brushing your teeth or doing the dishes.
  • Collect rainwater in a rain barrel to use for watering plants or washing your car.
  • Install low-flow fixtures such as showerheads and faucets. You'll save water and money on your water bill!
  • Educate your family and friends about eco-friendly plumbing practices. The more people who know, the better!

By following these simple tips, you can help make a difference for our planet. If you're ready to upgrade your plumbing fixtures or fix that annoying leak you've let drip for too long, contact Moe Plumbing Services at (818) 396-8002 today.