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Blogs from July, 2022

Common AC Problems

Here in Glendale, we see long, hot summers. It’s crucial that our air conditioners work effectively. The average air conditioner will last for around ten to 15 years. This does not mean that you will never experience a repair issue during that time. Even with proper maintenance, the occasional repair problem may arise. This is usually due to normal wear and tear of parts.

Some of the most common AC repair calls we receive include:

  • AC won’t turn on
  • Broken thermostat
  • AC runs continuously
  • No cool air coming from vents
  • AC is cycling on and off constantly
  • Poor indoor air quality
  • Burning or other foul odors coming from vents

No one wants to deal with an AC repair problem in the middle of the heatwave. However, repair problems do crop up. While no one wants to be blindsided by a cooling emergency, when they happen, we are often left wondering if there was any way we could have known about the problem sooner.

When to Call a Professional vs. DIY Repairs

If your AC is having a hard time keeping your home cool, you may wonder if the problem is something you can fix yourself. While some homeowners are very adept at performing DIY repairs, we typically do not recommend homeowners attempt to make AC repairs. Air conditioners are complicated appliances; in most cases, a DIY repair is more likely to worsen the problem than it is to fix it. Most homeowners do not have the proper tools to make a reliable repair, and you will likely spend significantly more money when you have to call in a repair technician.

Furthermore, as an electrical appliance that relies on refrigerants, it can be quite hazardous to perform DIY work. The last thing you want is to suffer an injury from electrical shock or exposure to toxic substances while trying to fix your AC.

If you are unsure whether you can handle an AC repair yourself, reach out to Moe Plumbing Services. for guidance. Our AC repair technicians are always ready to help you out. Now, keep reading to learn three important signs that your AC may need repair service.

#1: Your AC Isn’t Cooling as Well as It Once Did

One of the first signs of cooling system trouble is when your AC isn’t cooling as efficiently as it once did. This can mean that your AC takes longer to reach your desired temperature, or it might turn on more frequently to maintain that temperature. You might also notice that the air from your vents doesn’t feel as cool as it once did. All of these point to a system that is struggling.

If you have noticed a drop in cooling effectiveness, the problem could be several things. You might be suffering from cooling loss as a result of poorly sealed air ducts, or your system may be leaking refrigerant. It might also be due to clogged air filters. Typically diagnosing a problem like this will require a visit from one of our AC repair experts.

#2: You Notice Strange Sounds or Smells When the AC Is Running

When your AC is running, you should only hear the sound of your fan. When you turn on your cooling system, if you notice any other sounds or the fan sounds louder or otherwise different than it normally does, this could point to a repair issue. Often loud knocking sounds, rattles, screeching, or other sounds can indicate that there is something wrong with your AC unit. It is not uncommon for these types of sounds to also be accompanied by excessive shaking or vibrating in your outside AC unit.

Similarly, when you run your AC, you shouldn’t smell anything at all. Smells coming from your AC system could come from a number of problems, from issues with your system’s wiring to a pest that got trapped in your ductwork. If you turn the system on and notice any smell, you should contact us for an inspection, especially if you smell burning.

#3: Something Just Doesn’t Seem Right

You live with your air conditioner every day. You know what it normally sounds like, how it operates, and how long it takes to bring your home down to your preferred temperature. Therefore, you are in the best position to know when something is off. When it comes to sensing a problem with your cooling system, trust your gut. If you think something might be wrong with your AC, but you aren’t entirely sure what, give us a call. Our AC repair team can come out to your home, review the problems you’re having, inspect your system, and identify what the problem is.

Have an AC repair question? Call Moe Plumbing Services. for help.