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Blogs from October, 2022

How Long Do Heaters Last?

Most heating systems last for around 15 years. Some will last longer, such as heat pumps which can last 25+ years. With proper care and maintenance, you can enjoy your heating system's full lifespan. However, there will come a day when a replacement is necessary. How do you know what that is?

Signs you need a new heater:

  • Your current system has frequent repair issues
  • Your heater isn’t keeping your home at a consistent temperature
  • Your heater can’t maintain the temperature you set on your thermostat
  • Your heater must run longer than usual to reach the normal temperature you set
  • You’ve noticed the system turning off and on frequently (short cycling)
  • Your heater or furnace is making a lot of noise, or you smell burning when it runs
  • Your utility bill has increased without there being a change in your heating habits
  • You’ve noticed a decrease in your indoor air quality when your heater is running

Knowing when to replace your heater can be tricky. How do you know that one of these issues means you have to buy a new heater instead of just making a repair? This is where the experts at Moe Plumbing Services come in. When you call us with a heating issue, we always work to find a repair solution that will be reliable in the long term. If this is not possible, or the repair cost exceeds the cost of a new system, we will recommend a replacement.

Is Fall a Good Time to Buy a New Heater?

If you are going to buy a new heater, it is better to buy it in the fall than in the middle of winter. This is because, in the fall, you aren’t relying on your heater as much, so replacing it won’t cause the same level of disruption as replacing it in the middle of winter will. Additionally, during the fall, there is less demand for heater repairs and replacements, so you will be better able to schedule an appointment when it is most convenient for you and without waiting.

Another great time to replace your heater is in the late spring and summer. During this season, there is again less demand for heater repairs and replacements, and you may be able to find high-quality, reliable systems for great prices as companies prepare to bring in new models.

What to Look For in a New Heater

So, you’ve decided it’s time for a new heating system. How do you know what to get? The process can be daunting if this is the first time you’ve had to purchase a new heater. Even if you’ve done it before, it’s likely been a decade, and there are any number of new and different models on the market. No matter what, we always recommend working with an experienced, licensed HVAC specialist like Moe Plumbing Services when selecting a new heating system.

Things to consider when purchasing a new heater:

  • What size heater do you need for your home?
  • What method of heating do you want, such as a traditional furnace or a heat pump?
  • What fuel source do you need?
  • Are there any specific features you are looking for?

It is also worth considering what you like and dislikes about your current system. This can help you determine if you want an updated version of your existing heater or if you’d be better off trying something new and different.

Is it time for a new heater? Call Moe Plumbing Services for help. Our team knows residential heating inside and out, and we can help you select and install the right heater for you.