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Blogs from September, 2022

Where to Begin?

If you’ve just purchased your first home, congratulations! Owning a home can be incredibly exciting and fulfilling. However, if you’ve been renting for a long time, you may have become accustomed to having a maintenance person to call whenever something breaks or whenever you have an issue with one of your home’s systems. Now that you are a homeowner, you will have to coordinate your home repairs yourself, including any plumbing repairs or maintenance.

The first place to begin after purchasing a new home is with your home inspection report. When you buy a home in the Los Angeles area, it will have been inspected by a professional, licensed home inspector as part of the purchasing process. This inspection will have included your plumbing system. If anything was listed as needing work or maintenance on your inspection report, this is a good place to begin.

You may have also had a drain and sewer line inspection as part of the inspection period during escrow. After your video camera inspection, the plumber who performed the service will have given you a report on the condition of your sewer line and drains. Depending on the state of your pipes, they may have recommended that you have drain cleaning performed. If so, you will want to have this taken care of sooner rather than later.

How to Find a Reliable Plumber

As a new homeowner, you will need to have a good plumber in your back pocket to help you deal with plumbing issues whenever they arise. However, finding a plumber may be a challenge if you’ve never had to before. Below are a few tips for finding a trustworthy plumber in Los Angeles.

Things to look for in a plumber:

  • Good, legitimate reviews
  • Well-established in the area
  • Fully licensed, insured, & bonded
  • Willing to spend the time answering your questions
  • Doesn’t rush through appointments
  • Listens to you and isn’t pushy

Importantly, you also want a plumber who offers a comprehensive range of services. This will ensure that they can handle whatever job you have for them. Nothing is more frustrating than beginning work with one plumber only to have them discover some other issue halfway through that they can’t fix, leaving you with an unfinished repair job and having to start all over with someone new.

How Often Should You Perform Plumbing Maintenance?

Plumbing maintenance includes a wide range of tasks designed to keep your plumbing system running smoothly. Some of these tasks can be done yourself, while others should be handled by a professional. As a homeowner, you should be on the lookout for any signs of a plumbing leak or other problem. When spotting a plumbing issue, go with your gut – if something seems off, call the plumber.

Different types of professional plumbing maintenance and how often you should have it done:

  • Plumbing inspections – annually
  • Drain cleaning – every two to three years
  • Leak detection – as needed, or whenever you suspect a leak
  • Toilet, sink, and tub replacements – as needed
  • Water heater replacements – every 10-15 years, or as needed
  • Garbage disposal replacements – every 10 years, or as needed

You may also be wondering how often you need to have your plumbing appliances services, such as your washing machine, dishwasher, etc. Generally speaking, the owner’s manual for these appliances will tell you how often they should be serviced. If unsure, look up the make and model on the internet; most modern appliances will have user manuals available online.

Common Signs You Need Plumbing Repair

While you can usually tell when you have a major plumbing problem, such as a broken water heater or major plumbing leak, there are some more subtle signs that a new homeowner should be aware of and may indicate there is a fault in your plumbing system.

Signs of a plumbing problem include:

  • Strange noises coming from your pipes when you run the water
  • Leaking or dripping taps
  • Bubbling in your toilet
  • The sound of running water when the taps are off
  • A musty smell in your home
  • Chronic plumbing clogs
  • An unexplained increase in your water bill
  • Wet spots in your yard

If you notice any of the above signs or experience other problems with your plumbing system, it’s a good idea to schedule an inspection with one of our experienced repair plumbers at H. L. Mo Co., Inc. We have experience with indoor and outdoor plumbing and plumbing associated with pools and hot tubs.