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Blogs from January, 2023


Evaluating Your Current Home Plumbing System Before Extensive Remodeling

Before starting a home renovation project, it is essential to have an experienced plumber inspect your home's plumbing system. Hiring an expert like Moe Plumbing will help ensure the safety and reliability of your new plumbing system, in addition to meeting local building codes and regulations. An experienced professional can provide insight into the age and condition of your existing pipes, fixtures, and other components and identify any areas that need repair or replacement before remodeling begins. This can save you time, money, and stress down the line.

Below we review a few ways that your existing plumbing may affect your renovation plans, and what to do if/when you run into problems.

Age & Quality of Existing Pipes

Before starting any remodeling or renovation project, understanding the age and quality of the existing materials used in your plumbing system is essential. Aging, corroding, and/or damaged components can often lead to costly repairs or replacements, and you will want to know this early on so that you can factor it into your budget. Furthermore, in some cases, older materials may not be able to handle the pressures of newer fixtures or appliances connected to them.

If, after a thorough inspection, our plumbers determine that your old system is outdated and in need of an overhaul, then it will be necessary to make those changes before proceeding with the renovation.

Common plumbing issues related to old systems that may need to be fixed before starting your renovation can include:

  • Outdated, ineffective, and/or unsafe materials (such as lead pipes in vintage homes)
  • Extensively damaged or corroded plumbing
  • Old DIY repairs or installations that are faulty or not up to code

Check That Your System Is Up to Current Plumbing Codes

Finally, plumbing codes also tend to change over time, and even relatively recent upgrades and installations may no longer be compliant. This is especially common in fast-growing urban areas like Los Angeles, where zoning and water usage regulations are known to change quickly and frequently. Furthermore, living in a drought-prone area, water conservation-focused regulations may have changed since your house was built and/or the last plumbing upgrades were completed.

Dealing with plumbing and building codes can be daunting. If you are unsure where to start, it is best to seek help from an experienced master plumber like ours at Moe Plumbing. We have extensive experience working on remodeling and new construction projects across Los Angeles County, and we can provide guidance on how best to approach your project. We can also help you identify any potential safety hazards or areas for improvement before starting a remodel project.

What to Do When There is a Major Plumbing Issue Mid-Renovation

If you discover a major plumbing issues mid-renovation, such as a collapsed sewer line or burst pipe, it is important to contact an experienced professional plumber immediately. Attempting to fix the problem yourself can often lead to further damages and even higher costs.

You also want to avoid cutting corners. While it can be upsetting to discover that you need to make expensive plumbing repairs, throwing off your renovation budget, it is critical that all repairs, and especially major ones, are handled correctly and by professionals. The last thing you want is to risk future damage to your beautifully renovated home due to an unprofessional repair job.

From making repairs to helping you design and install your new plumbing system, Moe Plumbing is here to help. No matter what stage of the project you are in, we can assess the situation and provide the necessary guidance and work so that you can continue your renovation without having to worry about costly and time-consuming issues down the line.

Discuss your plumbing repair and renovation needs with us today; call us at (818) 396-8002 or send us a message online.