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Blogs from May, 2023

The Dos & Don'ts of Using Your Garbage Disposal

As premier plumbers in Los Angeles, we know homeowners sometimes get confused about what can and cannot go down their garbage disposal. We also know that the new Organics L.A. program has raised further questions regarding how to dispose of food waste. With this new legislation in place, it is more important than ever to understand how to properly utilize your garbage disposal while also avoiding violating the new composting law.

Some benefits of composting include:

  • Composting helps to reduce methane emissions, which are a major contributor to climate change.
  • Composting can improve the quality of your soil, making it more fertile and productive.
  • Compost can be used to fertilize your plants, reducing the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Composting is a great way to reduce the amount of waste you send to landfills and incinerators.

In this blog, we will provide you with all the dos and don'ts for using your garbage disposal. We will explain what items are safe to throw down the drain and which should go in your green compost bin. Our goal is to help you make the most of your garbage disposal while also doing your part to keep Los Angeles clean and green.

What Not to Put Down Your Garbage Disposal

Have you ever had to navigate a clogged garbage disposal? We've all been there! Having to stop mid-dishwashing session and spend time dealing with this kitchen sink nuisance isn't fun. But fear not - learning how to use your garbage disposal more effectively can help you tackle any issues that pop up now or in the future.

The first step to understanding how best to utilize your garbage disposal is to understand what you should not put down the sink:

  • Bones or large food scraps
  • Fruit pits or seeds
  • Hard shells (e.g., crab shells)
  • Eggshells
  • Coffee grounds
  • Grease or oil
  • Fibrous foods (e.g., celery)
  • Pasta or rice
  • Non-food items (e.g., paper, plastic)

It's important to keep in mind that the garbage disposal is designed for grinding up small bits of food and soft materials, so avoid putting anything too large or tough down the drain. If you are unsure about whether a food item can be safely put down the disposal, it's best to err on the side of caution and dispose of it in your compost bucket.

Keeping Your Disposal Clean

Clean your garbage disposal at least once a week to prevent food buildup and odors. You can use baking soda and vinegar to deep-clean your garbage disposal. Simply put a small amount of baking soda and vinegar in your drain and let it sit for a few minutes while it bubbles. Then, run cold water and turn on the disposal. This will help keep your disposal clean and neutralize any bad odors.

More tips for keeping your disposal clean:

  • Always use cold water when using the disposal to help prevent greases and oils from coating the disposal and your pipes
  • Grind soft, small citrus peels to help get rid of unpleasant odors
  • Avoid using harsh or corrosive chemicals in your drains as this can damage the disposal and your pipes

Get a Free Composting Bucket from the City

If you live in Los Angeles, you can get a free countertop composting bucket from the city. You can use this bucket to collect your food scraps, dumping it when it is full into the city’s green bins for pickup. When the bucket is full, you can dump it into the city's green bins for pickup. This will lessen the amount of waste going into your garbage disposal, reducing its overall wear and tear. It can also help you avoid accidentally putting something in the disposal you shouldn’t, like fruit pits or bones.

Items that can go in your composting bucket for pickup by the city include:

  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Dairy and eggshells
  • Meat, fish, and bones
  • Bread, cereals, grains, pasta, and other starches
  • Coffee grounds and paper coffee filters

You can even put paper products that have been soiled with grease and food waste into your compost bin, including used napkins and pizza boxes.

Do You Need Garbage Disposal Repair or Replacement?

As more people adapt to the city’s new composting guidelines, we expect more people will utilize their garbage disposal for food scraps they previously put in the trash. If you find that your garbage disposal is not up to the task, or if you accidentally drop something down the disposal that clogs or breaks it, Moe Plumbing is here to help.

Call us at (818) 396-8002 or send us a message online to schedule professional garbage disposal repair or replacement with an experienced plumber.