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Blogs from January, 2018

Frozen pipe

During the winter months, the temperature can drop dramatically, even in Los Angeles. In fact, homes that are in warmer climates are at greater risk for frozen plumbing lines because they are unprepared for cold weather. If you have exposed pipes, they can become frozen, restricting the water supply to your home and putting you at risk for water damage. Pressure in frozen pipes can cause them to burst, flooding your home. That is why it is essential to take steps to prevent frozen pipes, and to act quickly and call a plumber if your pipes do freeze.

How Can You Avoid Frozen Pipes?

1. Control the Temperature

During the chilly weather, it is important to keep your home warm and comfortable. You should keep your thermostat set above 55 degrees Fahrenheit if you are gone (you'll probably have it set to 65 or higher when you are home), and you should also open kitchen and bathroom sink cabinets to let the warmth of your house heat up your plumbing system. By keeping the temperature warm, you can help prevent a frozen pipe.

2. Keep the Faucet On

Keeping a faucet dripping overnight can provide the necessary flow a pipe needs to avoid freezing. If the temperature is expected to drop to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower during the night, you should set your faucet, especially one that connects directly to the outside, at a steady trickle. This can help you avoid a frozen pipe.

3. Use Proper Insulation

You can put protective sleeves on your exposed pipes to shield them from the cold. Furthermore, you should use insulation or caulk to seal any air leaks around your pipes. By doing this before the cold weather sets in, you can help prevent your pipes from freezing.

Experienced Plumbing Technicians Serving Los Angeles

At Moe Plumbing Services, we provide fast and effective services to homeowners in Los Angeles. If your plumbing lines are experiencing problems or have become frozen in an unexpected cold snap, our team of Los Angeles plumbers can perform the necessary steps to keep your home safe and functional. We offer 24/7 emergency plumbing services for your convenience.

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