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Blogs from January, 2018

AC Unit

Heating and air conditioning units allow you to control the temperature of your home. If you fail to provide routine seasonal maintenance, minor issues such as clogged filters or loose wiring may turn into bigger issues that could cause the system to completely shut down. It is important to provide regular maintenance to identify and fix any minor issues right away.

Furthermore, routine maintenance can help your system function more efficiently, as well as increase its lifespan. If there is wear and tear on the unit, the refrigerant is low, or a filter is clogged, it can cause your system to work extra hard to reach the desired temperature. This will increase your energy bills over time, costing you more money than simply repairing the problem.

Maintaining your air conditioner or heater can also help you prepare for cold or hot weather. Having your air conditioner break down in Southern California's notorious triple-digit heat during summer can be frustrating. Likewise, having a poorly functioning heater during the chilly winter months is uncomfortable and inconvenient. By performing regular seasonal maintenance, you can avoid the hassle of expensive emergency repairs.

Sign Up for Our Maintenance Plan to Start the New Year Right!

Our team of Los Angeles HVAC technicians provides maintenance plans and memberships to residential customers. We will conduct seasonal 8-point checks on your air conditioning and heating system to ensure your units are functioning at full capacity. By spotting and fixing minor issues right away, we can help your air conditioner or heater stay functional and efficient all year round.

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