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Blogs from March, 2018

AC Unit

As summer approaches, it is important to prepare your air conditioner and have it inspected and repaired if necessary. Having it break down during the hot summer days is inconvenient, and could put you at risk for poor indoor air quality and respiratory problems. That is why we provide Los Angeles air conditioning installation and repair services to meet your needs. We will inspect the system and discuss whether repairing it or replacing it would provide the greatest benefit.

There are several factors you need to consider before deciding whether you should repair or replace your air conditioner. These include:

  • The cost to repair vs. the cost to replace
  • The efficiency of your current air conditioner
  • The age of your current air conditioner

Understanding the $5,000 Rule

The $5,000 rule is a trick to help you decide whether repairing or replacing your air conditioner is more affordable. If the age of your system multiplied by the cost to repair it is greater than $5,000 (the average cost to replace an air conditioner), then you should go ahead and replace it. However, if the age multiplied by the cost of repairs is less than $5,000, it may be a good idea to have it simply repaired. For example, a 10-year-old air conditioner that needs repairs of $400 would multiply to $4,000, meaning you should repair it instead of replacing it entirely.

In general, air conditioning units last about 15 years. Once they pass this mark, they may start to experience a lot of issues that require minor repairs. While replacing it may seem too expensive up front, it can actually be more cost-effective because you will be able to avoid a lot of minor repairs in the future.

However, if the unit is fairly new, simply repairing it could be the best option. In short, if your unit is old, breaks down often, or is inefficient and causes unnecessarily high utility bills each month, you should strongly consider replacing it. However, if it is fairly new and the cost of repairs isn’t higher than the cost of replacement, you should probably just repair it.

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At Moe Plumbing Services, we offer a variety of residential maintenance and repair services for your convenience. Our technicians are fully trained, and will work quickly to provide a solution. Whether your system needs a simple repair, or it needs to be replaced with a newer and more efficient model, we can get the job done right. Our Los Angeles HVAC technicians will respect your time and property throughout the process, and will leave your home clean and tidy when we leave.

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