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Blogs from March, 2018


There are a variety of materials that can clog your drains. These include fruit and vegetable peels, coffee grounds, cooking grease, egg shells, hair, feminine products, and tree roots. Traditional drain cleaning methods involve running a metal snake, also called a plumbing auger, through the pipes to loosen up and remove blockages. However, this method may not be effective in removing major clogs, and it does not fully clean your pipes. That is why we offer high-pressure hydrojetting services to leave your drains clean and clear.

How Hydrojetting Works

Hydrojetting is the process where a stream of water is sent through the pipes. This water can be pressurized up to 6,000 psi. It will flow through the pipes and completely remove dirt, debris, clogged materials, and even tree roots from your plumbing system. Hydrojetting is a much faster, more effective, and more convenient drain cleaning method that traditional snaking, and it has many benefits.

The hydrojetting process:

  • Is effective for major clogs
  • Removes scale, grease, and other buildup in your pipes
  • Is quick and efficient

Hydrojetting will completely scour the surface of your plumbing system. It can be used on all types of piping materials, and will remove dangerous and severe blockages to leave your system clean. This will keep your water supply fresh and help prevent more clogs in the future.

While snaking is gentle on old pipes that may not stand up well to high-pressured water, it is not as effective in cleaning the pipes and removing large blockages. We can discuss your options and use snaking or hydrojetting to meet your specific needs.

Professional Plumbing Services Since 1927

Moe Plumbing Services provides efficient drain cleaning assistance to residential customers in Los Angeles. If your drains are blocked, we will use cutting edge technology and proven techniques to fix the issue. After the hydrojetting process is complete, we will treat your pipes with an environmentally safe, chemical-free enzyme solution to help prevent future clogs.

Contact our Los Angeles plumbers today to schedule a service.