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Blogs from January, 2019

Garbage Disposal

Your garbage disposal is a vital part of your kitchen and of your plumbing system at large. Yet while you should do everything possible to make sure your garbage disposal receives all the necessary repairs overtime, occasionally, the sad reality is that it just may be beyond saving. Keep reading for the top 7 signs you need a new garage disposal, and contact our Los Angeles plumbers at Moe Plumbing Services for maintenance, repairs, and more.

7 Signs Your Garbage Disposal Needs to Be Replaced

  1. It smells funny: Some funny smells are to be expected with any garbage disposal. Constant funny smells, however, are a sign you at least need repairs, if not full-on replacement. Remember, the more smells there are, the worse your system is working, meaning there’s a greater the chance you will need to have it replaced.
  2. It sounds funny: Again, this could be a simple maintenance issue. By calling a trusted plumber, you should be able to find out whether whatever is going on in your system can be fixed, or whether those nasty noises are signaling a larger mechanical problem.
  3. It’s Always Clogging: Most garbage disposal clogs can be avoided by running water before and after use, only disposing of proper food items, not shoving down large items, and feeding everything in as slowly as possible. Yet if you are doing all of these things and your garbage disposal is still clogging, it may be time to get it replaced. Contact a plumber to see if it can be saved, and discuss the possibility of upgrading to a bigger, newer, more powerful model.
  4. The Blades Are Dull: If the food you’re putting into your garbage disposal isn’t getting ground down, and frequently just sits there or gets stuck, it might be because the blades are dull. Carefully check to see if they’re sharp, preferably with the assistance of an experienced plumber. Depending on how dull they have become, you may want to consider replacing the whole unit.
  5. It keeps leaking: Although many kitchen leaks, like ones in your drain and dishwasher, are easy enough to fix, ones in your garbage disposal tend to be more problematic. Hire a plumber who can tell you whether it will be cheaper to repair the leak in your current unit, or whether you should just cut your losses and install a new one.
  6. It won’t turn on/constantly need to be reset: Sometimes, your garbage disposal may not want to turn on because it has just been through maintenance, or suffered a big clog, in which case it will probably need to be reset. However, if your garbage disposal needs to be reset all the time, or it won’t turn on at all, you may have a bigger problem. First, check to make sure your circuit breaker is working, and that it isn’t a blown fuse that’s causing the issue. If everything is good with your electrical system, chances are good you need a new garbage disposal.
  7. You’re also replacing your kitchen sink/dishwasher: This doesn’t apply every time you upgrade your kitchen equipment, but in many cases, your new sink or dishwasher may not be compatible with the garbage disposal you have now. And if you’re already upgrading your equipment, it may be more cost-effective to swap out your garbage disposal while you’re in the process of making replacements anyway.

For Garbage Disposals and More, There’s Moe!

The key, before making a final decision about your garbage disposal, is to call a plumber. Luckily, at Moe Plumbing Services, our technicians know how to diagnose virtually any issue you might have. From garbage disposals to water heaters, we’ve seen it all. Call our Los Angeles plumbers today for all your plumbing and HVAC needs, and let Moe get the job done for you.

Moe Plumbing Services is available by phone at (818) 396-8002, or you can contact us online. Don’t forget to ask about emergency repairs!