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Blogs from March, 2020


Your heating and cooling system is one of your most important investments. Proper maintenance can keep it running for years to come. However, it’s not always something you should try to do yourself. While there are some DIY steps you can take for HVAC maintenance, some of the process is best left to the pros.

What You Can Do Yourself

Some of the things you can do on your own include:

  • Clean and/or replace your air filters

  • Cleaning around the outside of your HVAC system (particularly the outdoor unit)

  • Adjusting your thermostat when you’re going to be away from home for a long period

  • Checking your dryer vent to ensure it points away from your HVAC unit

  • Cleaning the registers where the air comes out of the vents

You can focus on the smaller, easier to do jobs that don’t require you to go into your HVAC system or hard to reach places. When you are unsure of where to find certain components, you should reach out to a professional.

What Our Techs Can Do for You

Professionals can get into the nitty-gritty of your HVAC system. Our team has specialized knowledge of a range of HVAC systems to provide the most comprehensive maintenance plan possible. When you schedule regular maintenance with us, we’ll:

  • Inspect your air ducts for allergens, mold, debris, and broken connections

  • Check the fan belts if necessary to ensure they don’t have cracks or tears

  • Inspect the wiring

  • Check your condenser coil and refrigerant

  • Clean and/or replace your air filters

Our team at Moe Plumbing Services has set the industry standard since 1927. Our Glendale HVAC experts are ready to help you get the maintenance you need to keep your system running all year long. While there are things you can do on your own, our team can give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to your HVAC system.

Call us today at (818) 396-8002 to schedule your maintenance service.