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Blogs from July, 2021

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home to the latest technology, you want to liven up your bathroom with some helpful improvements, or you’re taking on a full-blown remodel to make one of your home’s most used areas more enjoyable, you may be interested in some new plumbing technology. Your bathroom depends heavily on a number of different plumbing fixtures, and technological advancements have made these fixtures more dependable, safer, and even more beautiful than they ever were before. In many cases, these upgrades are affordable, easy to integrate into nearly any bathroom, and could provide you with functionality that will radically change how you use and enjoy your bathroom space.

Here are four must-have bathroom upgrades that will have you falling in love with your bathroom all over again.

Bidet Seat

Toilet paper can be frustrating. Not only can it get expensive, but it takes up a lot of storage space around your home and you never seem to have it when you need it. Rather than worrying about running out and having to sacrifice a newspaper, a bidet seat could mean you never have to buy toilet paper again. Bidet seats are toilet seats that are connected to your toilet’s water supply. When you turn them on, a small nozzle located under the back end sprays your private bits with a heated, comfortable stream of water to clean them.

A bidet seat can completely replace your dependence on toilet paper and save you money in the process. No more worrying about buying toilet paper when you run out, no more worrying about sudden shortages straining inventory supplies, and no more wondering if you’re really as clean as you think. Once you get used to a bidet seat, you’ll never want to go back to using the bathroom any other way again. And they are surprisingly affordable and easy to install as well!

Auto-Temperature Shower Faucet

Shower faucets use one of several different mechanisms to blend water from both your hot and cold lines to give you the ideal temperature you want. However, remembering exactly how to set your faucet for water at the perfect temperature can be a pain. If you’re off even a little bit in one direction or the other, the water can be too hot or too cold, and getting it just right can be a tedious process that wastes water and energy. What if you could simply set your shower to one standard, ideal temperature and then never have to worry about adjusting it again?

With an auto-temperature shower faucet, that’s exactly what you can do. These types of shower heads feature either a knob or slider and a standard shower handle. The handle turns the water pressure up or down, while the knob or slider adjusts the temperature of the water. Because temperature and water pressure are adjusted independently from one another, you never have to worry about losing your ideal temperature when you turn the shower off or adjust the pressure. And the great part is that these types of shower faucets can be installed in virtually any shower, that uses a single-handle design, including shower/tub combos.

Steam Shower

Are you sore and tired from a hard day of working in the yard? Are your muscles beat from the day to day grind of life? Are you looking to treat your body to a relaxing sauna experience without having to spend the money at a day spa? A steam shower can do just that. Steam showers are specialized shower heads that have the ability to turn water into steam and fine mist that can greatly enhance your shower experience. Hot water can relax sore muscles, improve skin feel and appearance, and even help boost your energy levels.

Steam showers can be installed in virtually any shower as well, although we generally advise having a slightly larger shower so you have the ability to move in and out of the steam stream at your leisure. A steam shower also offers you the ability to take a regular shower as well, and some systems include a state of the art rain showerhead that you can utilize independently or at the same time as the steam nozzles for a truly all-encompassing experience.

Dual-Flush Toilet

Dual-flush toilets are a great way to save money and save the environment with something as simple and mundane as flushing the toilet. Flushing the toilet in the average home can use as many as three to four gallons of water with each flush, and that can add up rather quickly on your water bill. With water being such a precious resource, we need to do everything in our power to conserve it. Dual-flush toilets offer the ability to do a sort-of “half flush” for liquid waste, and a full-flush for solid. That way you have the full flushing power when you need it and can conserve water when you don’t!

Dual-flush toilet systems come in two different varieties. A dual-flush toilet is a toilet with a dual-flush option already installed. Meanwhile, you might be able to add dual-flush capability to your already-installed toilet with a specialized handle and flushing valve system.

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