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Blogs from July, 2021


Strange Plumbing Sounds Explained

Believe it or not, if there’s something wrong with your plumbing system, you may find it to be a little more vocal than usual. And while it may seem as if there’s a ghost bellowing in a pipe, it’s less likely that it’s an apparition — and more so a plumbing problem. That said, if you hear any of these outlandish sounds in your home, here’s what they could mean:

Gurgling Drains

If your drains begin to gurgle, no, they’re not trying to freshen their breath with mouthwash — but they’re letting you know that something is causing an obstruction. And, unfortunately, that obstruction can indicate that the blockage is stopping water or air from flowing properly within the drain.

Knocking Pipes

An alarming sound to many homeowners is hearing a banging-like sound coming from a pipe in their home. While there’s a very slim chance that someone is banging a hammer on the pipe itself, there is a stronger chance that your home’s water pressure is too high. If this is the case, your pipes could sustain damage if the problem isn’t corrected.

Rattling Pipes

If you have pipes that are suspended from the ceiling, there’s a chance that their fasteners may become loose. When this happens, you’ll start to hear a strange rattling sound every time water passes through a specific section of the pipe. While this may be startling to hear, it’s rather simple for a professional to repair.

Vibrating Sound

Now, if you hear a vibrating-like sound in your home, that can indicate that a faulty fill valve needs to be replaced. As it turns out, old valves will become more vocal in their older age. Unfortunately, this also indicates that they’ll also no longer create a tight seal — which isn’t a good thing and needs to be addressed right away.

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