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Blogs from July, 2023


It’s heart-stopping when something important falls into the sink drain. It can be something precious, such as a piece of jewelry, or it can be any other item small enough to fall down the drain and too important to lose. Regardless of what it is or why it’s significant to you, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever see it again – and the answer could surprise you.

Not Everything That Falls into a Drain Is Gone for Good

Small objects that fall into a sink’s drain may be a lot closer than you realize, and they can be quite literally under your nose!

All sink drains are equipped with a plumbing feature called a P-trap, which is a series of curved pipes connecting the drain to the sewer line and is accessible immediately beneath a sink. The purpose of the P-trap is to create a seal between your drain and the sewer, which prevents sewer gas from getting into your home. This works because there’s always a certain amount of water sitting at the bottom of the curve in the P-trap, held there by gravity.

When something falls into the sink, it can get stuck in the P-trap and remain there until removed. Keep in mind, however, lightweight objects can get flushed out of the P-trap if enough water flows down the drain. This is why you should stop using the affected sink until you call a plumber for help.

Remove the P-Trap to Retrieve Lost Items

A professional plumber can remove items stuck in a P-trap by removing this plumbing feature and cleaning it out. As a homeowner, however, you should never attempt to do this on your own! An incorrect disassembly and reassembly of the P-trap can harm your plumbing system, introduce sewer gas into your home, and you may risk losing the lost object in the process.

By hiring a licensed plumber to handle this task for you, you can rest assured that you’ve secured the best possible chances of recovering an object from your sink’s P-trap. Keep in mind, however, that some objects may have escaped the P-trap and fallen further into your sewer line. While the odds of recovery are slimmer and may require more extensive work, a plumber can help you inspect your sewer line to identify and retrieve lost jewelry or another important item.

Contact Moe Plumbing Services for Help!

When you need a professional plumbing company to help you retrieve something that fell down the drain, you can look to Moe Plumbing Services for assistance! As a plumbing company with nearly 100 years of service, we have a tradition of experience and expertise that can provide any client with high-quality plumbing services.

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