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Blogs from July, 2023


There are many factors that could be responsible for low water pressure in your home, which means this problem may have a single cause or multiple causes working in tandem.

Low water pressure in a home can be extremely inconvenient and annoying. It can cause problems such as showering or washing dishes taking longer than necessary, toilets not flushing properly, and hoses or sprinklers not producing enough water to clean or hydrate outdoor spaces effectively.

Low water pressure can also lead to increased energy costs due to having to run appliances for extended periods of time in order to get the job done. In some cases, low water pressure can even create an unsafe living environment due to outdated or faulty plumbing.

5 Common Causes of Low Water Pressure

When looking for an underlying cause for low water pressure, it’s helpful to keep in mind that more than one issue can cause this problem. This is why you should strongly consider hiring a professional plumber to help you assess your home’s plumbing system and identify all possible causes of low water pressure.

The following are five common causes of low water pressure in residential properties:

  • Leaks: A common cause of low pressure is a leak somewhere in the water system. This can be in the pipes, fixtures, or even appliances that use water like dishwashers and washing machines.
  • Clogs: Debris buildup in the plumbing system can also reduce water pressure. This could be things like calcium deposits, rust from older pipes, or other buildup.
  • Corroded Pipes: Old and corroded pipes are another common reason for low water pressure. The corrosion can make the water flow much slower than normal, reducing the pressure.
  • Bad Valves or Fixtures: The valves and fixtures in a home can also cause water pressure to drop if they are not working properly. If these items are old or damaged, it could be the source of the problem.
  • Low Water Pressure in Your Area: Sometimes it's not just your home that has low pressure - it could be low pressure in your entire area. Check with your local water provider to see if they are experiencing any issues.

You should never address a suspected cause of low water pressure on your own! When you believe your home’s plumbing system has a problem, always contact a professional to ensure you get the professional and safe services you need to protect your family and property.

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At Moe Plumbing Services, we understand that low water pressure can be a nuisance. We also know how frustrating it is to experience other plumbing issues, such as clogged drains or leaking pipes. That’s why our team of experienced plumbers is here to help!

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