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Blogs from April, 2021

Hydro Jetting

When severe obstructions occur in your sewer and drain lines, the drain cleaning efforts used to get rid of the average clog will not be powerful enough to do the trick. That’s why for blockages including grease build-up, food pieces, paper products, and even tree roots, the best course of action is usually to call for high-pressure hydro jetting. While snaking a drain might work for your toilet, it’s not like you can use a drain snake to get rid of a tree root. For that, you’ll need the powerful water pressure you get with hydro jetting, which pulverizes severe clogs while cleaning the walls of your lines at the same time. But remember, it’s always better to call for this service sooner rather than later, since the last thing you want is a dangerous and costly sewage leak on your hands. Keep reading for the signs your lines may need hydro jetting, and remember that you can always count on our experts at H.L. Moe Co., Inc for all your essential plumbing needs.

5 Common Signs You Might Have to Call for Hydro Jetting Service

  1. Strange Odors Coming from Drains & Toilets: Funky smells can waft out of your drains and toilets for multiple reasons—this is a fact that our experienced plumbers know all too well. However, if these odors persist, you could be dealing with a serious problem. If you have inspected your drains and toilets for clogs and leaks, and been unable to detect any issue, the problem could lie deeper in your sewer line. Be especially wary of a persistent, rotten egg-like smell around your property, as this could be a sign of a sewage leak. Fortunately, with our hydro jetting service, H.L. Moe Co., Inc can get rid of sewer and drain line clogs before they do too much damage, thus ensuring any repairs we have to perform are not too extensive.
  2. Rust & Dirt in Toilets & Tap Water: Another thing that may start to happen when a tree root or other serious blockage gets stuck in your line is an accumulation of rust and dirt in your home’s water supply. Watch out for this kind of debris accumulating in your toilet, or coming out of the tap when you go to take a drink of water. Having your water supply affected is already serious enough, but it is especially important to hire a professional if this problem occurs in conjunction with that nasty smell mentioned above. If you have noticed these problems in your house, it is extremely likely there is a blockage in your sewer and drain system, and you will need hydro jetting service to remove it.
  3. Slow-Flushing Toilets: There are a number things that can cause your toilet to flush slower, from a low water level in the tank to a build-up of corrosive minerals in or around the bowl. One of the other main causes of slow-flushing toilets is clogs. Usually, if just one toilet is clogged, it’s because of an obstruction in the pipe attaching it to your larger plumbing system. But if you have noticed the toilets flushing slowly across your house, then you could be dealing with a larger problem. Call H.L. Moe Co., Inc to see if there is a larger blockage deeper in your lines, and to assess whether hydro jetting can be used to take care of the problem.
  4. Persistent Drain Backups: While backups are always a serious issue, they usually aren’t a frequent occurrence. That’s why if drains are frequently backing up in multiple parts of your home, it is important to call a plumber to get to the source of the greater issue. It is key to always act swiftly if backups are occurring, since in a worst-case scenario, you could end up with dangerous wastewater coming out of your drains. This tends to happen when there is a large blockage in your sewer system, in which case our team will most likely have to use hydro jetting to remove it.
  5. Air Bubbles in Water Lines: Little bursts of air or bubbles can occur in your water lines when the air release valve is obstructed. These bubbles may then travel to the highest point in your plumbing system, which can cause rust and corrosion over time—making this a multi-faceted problem. Unlike the rest of the signs mentioned above, you probably won’t be able to scope out bubbles in your lines without the assistance of a professional, but at H.L. Moe Co., Inc, we can easily perform an inspection to see if air is building up in your lines, allowing us to determine if you have an obstruction that can be removed with hydro jetting.

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